Face in a Place #31

Om Nom Nom…. curtesy of @TechnicallyRon on twiiter

Face in a Place #30

We found this little guy right on the top of the Empire State Building in Manhattan. This guy probably has the best view of all our faces so far

face in a place #28

We don’t condone this controversial smoking bin from @AshleyMay

face in a place #27

We think twitter contributer @Jimc83 might be spending a little too long in the toilet after finding this one! :)

face in a place #21

Curtesy of @quebectango: Mr Iron is nonplussed @FaceInAPlace pic.twitter.com/sTexrBDy” awesome work, well spotted!

face in a place #20

Taken from Rugby player Gareth Thomas’ tweet http://bit.ly/NDEqxB